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Welcome to the 10th YPFDJ-NA Conference!


Whether you are a first-time attendee, or someone who has been with YPFDJ since its inception, we welcome you to the 10th Annual YPFDJ-NA Conference. 9 years later, we have built a movement with chapters all across the United States and Canada, and are continuing to solidify and expand on the inspirational work of our members.


What is the YPFDJ Conference?

YPFDJ conferences provide an opportunity for Eritreans from all over the world to exchange ideas, experiences and learn from fellow comrades about the issues affecting both Eritrea and their local communities.


What can I expect to learn and experience at the conference?

The conference has a variety of programs that will be of interest to our members. The list below is an example of programming from past conferences:


·         Thought-provoking political discussions

·         Question-and-answer sessions with Eritrean public officials and community leaders

·         Musical performances from famous artists

·         Dance competitions

·         Dramatic productions

·         Networking sessions with hard-working young Eritreans on the rise

·         And more…


What have people said about conference?

“This conference was one of the most inspirational, motivating, and unforgettable conferences I’ve ever attended. The conference started out with a beautiful ceremony of the raising of our beloved flag and everybody singing Eritrea’s national anthem. This will be a conference I will never forget. We had great speakers, learned a lot, made new friends, laughed together, sang together, danced together and the list goes on and on. Can’t wait to see everybody next year and some new faces …


Alem, Colorado


“On the night of October 4, my colleagues and I drove over 26 hours to Toronto to participate in the 3rd Annual North America YPFDJ Conference that permanently changed the purpose of my life. The moment I got there, I knew that I was in the place where I should be, among my peers who aspire to learn and develop their awareness not only for themselves but also for the greater public good. I cannot express the feelings I felt when I saw and listened as they discussed their concerns and opinions freely. I have to say that the experience was one of a kind. I came proud and left with my heads up higher than ever before...   

To know I am among many in the struggle to better the land I love and the people I adore, with pride I say I am: 

Youth with power

Politically and socially conscious and strong

Faithful servant leader

Determined for success

Joined as one even from afar” 


Semhar M. 



For more reflections, please check out


Where can I sign up?

You can register by visiting our registration page